Mac 11, 2009

ISLAMICA 'Dare to know!' World Cafe - "The Philosophy of The Matrix"

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Invitation to All! 
ISLAMICA 'Dare to know!' World Cafe 

 "The Philosophy of The Matrix"
View The Matrix film, study the themes and ideas that underlies in the film.

Monday nite, 16th March 2009 : 9 pm - 11 pm 
ISLAMICA Resource Centre (in front of Mosque Admin. Office, Old UTP Mosque)

All UTPians, Muslims (Muslimin & Muslimat) & Non-muslims are invited (too)! 

Contact: Wan Ahmad Fayhsal (012-9344553) or Ustaz Rahmat (016-4221418)



What is World Cafe? Just a glance of this idea. Click here.

**Good references for the discussion:

[3] Full Synopsis of these films:


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